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Short on Space? Use the Walls!

May 11, 2017 0 Comments

Storage space in many small city apartments is becoming a growing concern. Developers in major cities are well underway, experimenting with tiny-housing and ways to make furniture and devices as compact as possible.
Finding apartments in cities like Tokyo and London is already extremely difficult, and pricy. But what happens when your current apartment grows too small for your needs?
Do you go in search of a bigger, even more expensive apartment, or do you try to work with what you have, and do all you can to open up more space in your home?
If moving isn’t possible, then all you can really do it try to make your current space work. When you’ve already bought all the multitasking furniture you can find, and there’s no more free floor space in sight, then it’s time to look to the walls!
We’ll compiled a little list of fun ways to dress your walls, while also freeing up that much needed storage space. Some of following ideas are “out there” but fear not, they may also have your home looking more stylish than before.


High Chairs

A fold-out table can be just perfect for a small kitchen, easily put away when not in use. The same goes for hybrid coffee tables that act as storage units or desks. But what about the chairs?
Well, some designers have started experimenting with mounting foldable chairs onto the wall when they aren’t in use. The chairs are light and compact, and can look really good on your wall if paired with the surrounding décor and colours. Give it a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Get Your Wheels On The Wall

So, you love to cycle to work but don’t have a storage shed or a garage to store your bicycle. It’s often the case with urban cyclists living in the city. You also don’t want to lock your bike to a staircase or gate each night, and worry about the wheels being stolen.
The solution? Wall mounts. Instead of locking your bicycle up, showcase it on a wall in your apartment. Keep it clean and shining, and you’ll find it to be a great addition to your hallway or bedroom.


Wine In Reach

If you like your wine but don’t have space for a cellar, consider investing in a stand-alone wooden wine rack to place in your dining room or kitchen. You can also have one custom made to fit exactly in the designated space.
The wooden racks look amazing, and provide easy access, meaning you don’t have to venture down to the cellar several times a night when entertaining guests.


Fresh Produce

If you enjoy a healthy diet, then let everyone know!
Store your fresh fruit and vegetables in stylish wire baskets on the wall, and let the bright, natural colours seep through the room.
You can be sure that you won’t forget to get your daily dose of fruit and veg with them right there in front of you, in plain sight.

George Koutsakis