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Planning Ahead: Where to Start With Your Interior Decorating Project

May 8, 2017 0 Comments

You have made the decision that it is time to give your home a facelift! It is exciting to redecorate, but some homeowners set the intention and then are quickly overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. How do you transform your home in the most affordable, stylish way?
Don’t make the mistake of heading to a home décor outlet to pick out pieces without a goal in mind. You might find a few ideas as you are browsing the store. But, a specific plan is critical to ensure that you spend your money in a way that will optimize your results.
So, you need to put together a detailed plan before you start shopping. Here are a few tips to help with your interior design plan:


Long-Term Investments

If you are working on renovation projects in your home, then you should consider the best ways to invest your money on long-lasting features. Look at the core materials, glazing, and architecture to determine how you can change the property in a way that will be timeless and classy.
Spending a lot of money on a trendy sofa won’t offer the same long-term benefits as refinishing the woodwork or renovating the fireplace. Put together a budget and choose the line-items that will give you results that will last for many years.


Define Your Color Palette

Be clear about the color palette that is being used in your home, so that you can dial in your purchases to improve the overall style of each room. If you aren’t specific about the colors that are featured in your home, then it might look chaotic and unorganized.
The best thing that you can do is pick your color palette and carry the paint chips every time you head to the home décor store. Use these color blocks to see how each piece will fit into your theme.


Style and Function

Don’t make the mistake of getting so caught up in the style that you overlook the function of each room. If you can’t relax and enjoy the space with family and friends, then the style might be overwhelming the practical use of your home.
Look for design features that will give your home a polished appearance. At the same time, consider how you plan to use each room to ensure that the furniture and colors will be conducive to your daily activities.


Ask for Help

It is necessary to get a second opinion on the things that you are planning for your home. Whether you invite a few friends and family members over to offer their input or you hire an interior designer, make sure that you compare your thoughts with someone who understands your personality.
Ask for advice from people that you trust, and you will be able to put together a great design theme. They won’t be hesitant to discourage ideas that aren’t in your best interest.
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