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Interior Design: What’s Worth Investing In?

April 27, 2017 0 Comments

Decisions, decisions. As a homeowner, there are many things you should consider investing in, such as energy efficient appliances or renovations. But on the interior design side, not all pieces are worth pouring money into.
Each home should have some investment pieces, and then some pieces that are less valuable, so that they can be updated easily as trends change. It’s about what you will get the most value out of.
That $1300 side table may be a luxury purchase, but not necessarily what you want to spend a more limited budget on.
What are pieces that you want to spend the big bucks on? Here are some suggestions. You’ll notice that the common thread between them all is: something you’ll use every day.
Beyond ornamental, these items are staples in the home and will be used by family and guests.



A sofa serves so many needs, it’s worth spending cash on. It can be an accent piece, an extra bed, and a gathering place. Remember that you’re going to use it almost every day. Comfort is paramount, but don’t just buy any old thing!
As the focal point in your living room, your sofa sets the tone. Think carefully about the size, upholstery and shape. Choose well, and this will also decide what (less expensive) furniture you use to surround your pièce de résistance.



This is really a no-brainer. Investing in a good bed pays dividends in so many ways. Buying an excellent mattress and frame will have a direct impact on your quality of life. Being better rested means being healthier and more productive.
Aesthetics count too – you’ll be waking up to your bed every morning. Choose a design that will be positive for your mood and make you want to stay in bed. Whether this is a steel frame bed, or a modern platform bed, remember that while style is subjective, quality is not.
You’ll find a wide range of quality across all styles, so once you’ve narrowed down the style you’d like, do additional research into the materials and workmanship available on the market.
Strong frames, extra storage space, durable mattresses – make sure these features don’t warp with wear and tear. You want support for your well-earned rest for as long as possible. Better to count sheep than to count cents!


Dining Room Chairs

The kitchen and dining room are symbolic of family and food. Chairs in the dining room are used at every meal and family gathering. If you use your dining table as a workspace, you’ll also be sitting for long hours in these chairs.
Invest in sturdy and comfortable chairs that also make a statement about your approach to life. Naturally this doesn’t mean you have to grab the most expensive chairs on the market.
For example, an eclectic mix of chairs can be a clear yet stylish message that you’re a welcoming host. You’ll find that dining room chairs can play a subtle role in making dinners relaxed and heartwarming.

Violette Levy